Understanding and complying with the National Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) has just gotten a lot easier! 
Know what medical procedures can and cannot be billed together by the same physician in the same session in seconds. Medicare and private payers use CCI to audit your CPT and HCPCS coding – why not use the same tables they use and lower your audit exposure!
 Version 20.0 (2014 1st quarter) is available for immediate download.

What is CorrectCoder?

Correct Coder for Edits is a low cost Windows (XP/Vista/Win7) solution for complying with CMS’s National Correct Coding Initiative.  See the FAQ for more information. 

Why CorrectCoder?

CorrectCoder for Edits is being used by providers, administrators, private payers, managed care, HMO/PPO/PHO/TPAs, billing services and health care consultants. With over 1.25 million ”edit pairs” (two codes that cannot be billed by the same day by the same physician), and rules for exceptions (modifier -51) CorrectCoder for Edits is imperative for full reimbursement. CorrectCoder for Edits simplifies the government’s Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) into one main screen with easy-to-use searches for only $159.


CorrectCoder for Edits PC/Windows application ($159 quarter)

www.CCIEdits.com   On-line Web based application ($59 quarterly subscription)

CorrectCoder for Edits Book ($199)

Click here for  pricing and specifications

CorrectCoder Features

checkbullet Official CMS Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) Edits
checkbullet Comprehensive Codes (Column 1 Codes)
checkbullet Component Codes (Column 2 Codes)
checkbullet Mutually Exclusive Pairs
checkbullet Create your own validation lists
        (for comparing two or more codes from a CMS 1500 Claim Form)
checkbullet Key Word Searches using Long CPT® Descriptions
      (CorrectCoder is a licensed AMA CPT product)
checkbullet Report Writer
checkbullet RBRVS Total Units Values
checkbullet CCI Raw ASCII Text Files included free 

        (A_CPEDIT.TXT, B_CPEDIT.TXT (deleted edits) 
checkbullet One Main Screen
checkbullet Large Feature Buttons
checkbullet No Technical Manuals
checkbullet Free Technical Support
checkbullet 100% Money Back Guarantee